Ubuntu ddclient not updating

Marga promised a talk about "an introduction to properly counting bugs using the 'Haus vom Nikolaus' algorithm to the base of 7".

Speaking of numbers, I touched the following bugs (not all RC): Let's assume you are a sysadmin and have to debug a daemon giving bad performance on one machine, but not on the other.

Thankfully, getting the list of available Chromium profiles is pretty easy and so is displaying a few buttons using Python.

To do so I wrote cadmium, which scans the available Chromium profiles and allows to start either of them, or Chromium's Incognito Mode. While visiting our Raleigh office, I managed to crack the glass on the screen of my One Plus 3.

The most common solution to this is a script that checks .

Given a central knowledgebase about your Puppet environment one could ask Puppet DB about the last node runs, right?

e Bay lists new LCD sets for 110-130€, and those still require manual work of getting the LCD assembly out of the case, replacing it, etc.

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And when reading one is not enough, you have to compare two or more of them.

On machines with SELinux it can even launch Chromium in the SELinux sandbox. Luckily it was a clean crack from the left upper corner, to the right lower one.

The crack was not really interfering with neither touch nor display, so I had not much pressure in fixing it.

bar = bar and [foo] foo = x bar = x [foo] foo = foo bar = bar are actually the same, at least for some parsers. It tries to parse two given files and give a diff of the content after normalizing it (merging duplicate keys, sorting keys, ignoring comments and blank lines, you name it).

Currently it can parse various INI files, JSON, YAML and XML.

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